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Q: What is Q&A?

A: Q&A is Question & Answer. Information ranging from macro-economic topics, such as, Asian business environment and investment climates, to operation concerns, such as, procedures on setting up companies, and other materials are digested into smaller size for easier reading experience.

Q: What is Infographic?

A: Infographic aims to present large amount of information in visualised form.

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A: Presentation is presentation that has been made by Dezan Shira & Associates experts during events that they have spoken at.

Q: What is Case Study?

A: Case Study is what Dezan Shira & Associates experts have handled in real life before for clients and/ or partners. We aim to provide practical insights into Asian business markets, in order to your business and investment in emerging Asia at ease.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

“Business Insights” purports to help readers to understand accounting practices of different countries. The intelligence provided ranges from specific steps one should take, to explanation of country-specific terms, to explanation of GAAPs of specific country.

Corporate Establishment

“Business Insights” section aims to arm you with information to smooth your start in Asia. We strive to provide you accurate information for setting up on various kinds of vehicles and structures from scratch, and lay out the possible pitfalls that one might encounter.

Corporate Operations

Our “Business Insights” purports to help you understand the legal and regulatory environment better in order to aid you running your business in Asia. We have garnered mandatory sets of rules in different Asian countries for company operations, from company registration, amendments to governance issues and, lastly, dissolution.

Corporate Taxes

Our experts have provided the “Business Insights” some insightful information on paying taxes on your corporate return in China, India, Vietnam or Singapore. With our expertise in dealing with various tax systems, we aim to place you in confident position to understand and handle tax matters in Asia.

Human Resources

“Business Insights” will provide you information on labor issues, which ranges from country-specific labor concepts, labor contracts, to social insurance issues and individual income taxes. Since different countries have different regimes for labor issues, we hope this section can bridge the cultural, linguistic, and technical gaps that may seem too daunting for foreign investors in Asia.

Individual Taxes

Dealing with tax returns in a foreign country is daunting, let alone in Asia, where the regulations change on regular basis. “Business Insights” is made to provide intelligence that bridge the linguistic and technical gaps that you may have when confronting individual tax issues.