Global Staffing Solutions

Learn how we can help you to better pilot market entry and hire remote employees across Asia.

Entity setup isn't your only option.

Incorporating and establishing a company may require more time or money than a business plan viably allows for. To successfully establish their presence in a new market, it may be necessary for a business to have local presence that works towards their interests, without risk or delay.

Global Staffing Solutions (GSS) can help a company hire full-time employees in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Asian countries, without setting up a local company. Our GSS clients enjoy the benefits of full-time staff working in overseas markets and remaining compliant with local laws, without the time and investment required to set up and operate an overseas legal entity.

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How GSS can help your organisation:

  • Get to market faster - Hire local employees and enter new markets within days.
  • Mitigate the costly risk of prematurely investing in establishing and managing an overseas corporation, until the timing is right.
  • Minimize compliance risks with an employment relationship - easily comply with country-specific labor laws and practices.
  • Test one or many markets and then scale as required - hedge against fast growing but challenging business environment.
  • Onboard staff across Asian countries - grow a sustainable and compliant global presence without operations and HR admin hassles.
  • Focus on your business - we expertly handle all the time-consuming and complex employment administrative requirements.
  • Single Point of Contact - with a transparent view of the employment arrangement, supported by local experts and support lines.

Explore further:

  • Recruitment and placement Support
  • Immigration services, including business and work visas
  • Consulting and tax planning of overseas or multi-country postings
  • Employee declarations and onboarding
  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Expense and claims management
  • Ongoing HR and administrative support
  • Online payslips and online administration portal (some countries)

Whether the next step in your market entry plan is research and development, the delivery of initial projects, or an immediate formal company setup - it is time to consider Global Staffing Solutions (“GSS”) services.

GSS centers on a core service of offshore hiring, which is the onboarding of a worker in an overseas market and the management of their employment. This includes their salary payments, reimbursements, leave, and regulatory employee declarations, as well as compliance issues.

This approach helps put feet on the ground quickly. You receive the benefits of having an employee overseas without the investment costs or hassle normally associated with setting up a company. This also helps to side-step the need to manage complex foreign regulatory employment matters.

As a strategy, this allows a company to test market entry into one or more Asian countries, and then retain the option to easily scale back, switch to a different country, or upon proven success in the market, to proceed in establishing a formal presence.

GSS is easy to get into, which means that you need a highly competent partner that you can trust to see it through.

We have served the foreign market needs of our international clientele for over 26 years. Our 300+ professionals include experts in HR, payroll, law, accounting, tax, and IT that combines into an unrivalled advantage for providing clients with a superior GSS service.

We better understand and manage related aspects of GSS in their interests; our capabilities and approach unlocks the full benefits of a GSS strategy – speed to market, better options, managed risk, and a partner that can adapt or grow with you.

We offer the blended GSS service as a single managed service and with one vendor relationship to manage. Your company will have a single point of contact, as a transparent information source, and the employees are provided with local language support.

To help companies along their entry path, we also provide supporting and adjacent services. As required, we can help you to find the right talent with our professional recruitment services, or provide placement support, onshore or offshore training, local immigration support, and other services.

When it is time to change your plan, we can help you scale, shift, or expand to other markets. We can also help with Business Intelligence advice regarding country comparison and location selection. If it becomes viable to set up operations overseas, our corporate establishment experts and back-office outsourcing services will help your strategy advance to the next level.