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Vietnam Agro Supply Chain Conference 2017


  • Turning supply chains into value chains: success cases from the agriculture sector in Vietnam
  • Taking Advantage of Vietnam’s Trade Network in the Agro Industry

This talk will start with an overview of Vietnam’s wide ranging free trade agreement network and the advantages it offers to VN originating business in selling abroad. It will specifically dive into the treatment of Vietnamese agricultural goods in some key FTAs such as the Vietnam – Japan FTA, ASEAN – China FTA, ASEAN – Australia/New Zealand FTA etc, and how local Vietnamese investors can take advantage of these favorable terms for specific agricultural products to grow their export markets abroad. We will also highlight the enormous significance of the upcoming EU – Vietnam FTA on the agro industry and give details on its treatment of various classes of agricultural goods, with an overview of how companies can benefit from these terms and apply for preferential treatment when the agreement comes into effect.


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  • Manager, International Business Advisory
    Office: Ho Chi Minh City Office

Event Info

Feb 28, 2017
Location & Time Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | February 28, 2017