Updates on FDI in China and Vietnam and International mobility

15:00pm | Piazza Cavour 4 | Rimini, Italy

The world's economy has always shifted between one-way polarization and interdependency.  Doing business with the East is synonym for the highest level of an extremely diversified supply chain where "factories of the world" are now consumer markets and long-time low-end manufacturing hubs are today world leading suppliers in technology.  While China remains the optimum for supply and demand, its neighbors are following its footsteps and plugging-in strong competencies, opening up their policies to foreign investors and set the tone for a renewed way of looking at "the Orient": Vietnam and China's Foreign Direct Investment opportunities and its recent changes will be analyzed in this seminar, along with a parallel scrutiny on how foreign staff needs to plan their employment.

On May 22 at the Rimini Confindustria Romagna, as part of the initiatives that Confindustria Romagna promotes in terms of internationalization,  the event is organized by Romagna Servizi Industriali Srl in collaboration with the Law Firm Dezan Shira & Associates and ECA Italia Srl.


Riccardo Benussi, manager on the International Business Advisory team for the Shanghai office of Dezan Shira & Associates. Riccardo assists foreign invested companies from Europe, North and South America with their investments in China. Riccardo’s areas of expertise include setting up of wholly foreign-owned enterprises and representative offices, and trademark filing in China.

His industry experience includes international food and beverage, manufacturing, and high-tech. Riccardo also co-manages the Italian Desk with Dezan Shira & Associates’ Managing Partner, Alberto Vettoretti.  

Stefano Pacifico, His experience in International Mobility has been focused on finding effective and easy to use solutions to very complex problems and issues companies must face when sending people abroad. he has developed a deeper knowledge of most relevant matters in expatriates’ management (Immigration, Compensation, Tax, Labour Law, Social security) and strengthen relationships with worldwide foreign professionals in legal, tax and social security to promote and coordinate Global Mobility Projects.

Stefano has implemented Commercial strategy for ECA Italia and still coordinating the networking and alliances with foreign partners. 

For more information about this event, please visit HERE or contact Riccardo Benussi

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