Understanding Due Diligence Process in India: Insights for Foreign Investors and Businesses

Webinar | Monday, June 12, 2023 | 2:30 PM India Time / 4:00 PM Vietnam Time / 5:00 PM China Time


The Indian economy is rapidly emerging as a global investment hub, offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses and investors. With a significantly improved investment climate, the country has solidified its position as one of the premier regions to consider for investments. However, in this dynamic landscape, Due-Diligence plays an important role in ensuring successful outcomes for those planning to invest and setup in India.

As businesses expand their operations in India, shareholders and investors are faced with crucial decisions on how to effectively navigate this ecosystem and make informed investment choices. This is where due diligence is crucial, serving as a critical tool during the early stages of any merger, acquisition, or partnership arrangement. A comprehensive check of this nature becomes essential as companies initiate relationships with business partners, contemplate acquisitions, or seek to invest in other entities.

On June 12, CS Neeraj Khatri, Assistant Manager - Business Advisory Services, will discuss the impact of due-diligence, its process and importance for investors and businesses in India. We invite you to join this webinar to understand the various due diligence checks that involve meticulous investigations into the legal, fiscal, and financial aspects of a business.

During the webinar, Neeraj will address: 

  • Due-diligence overview 
  • Process and various aspects of Due Diligence in India
  • Importance of Due Diligence Checks
  • Role of Various Stakeholders
  • Major takeaways
  • Q&A Session

For any queries or questions related to this event, contact Umair Ul Haque, International Business Advisory, India, at umair.haque@dezshira.com

This webinar is free of charge.

Event Info

Jun 12, 2023

Location & Time

Webinar | Monday, June 12, 2023 | 2:30 PM India Time / 4:00 PM Vietnam Time / 5:00 PM China Time

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