Payroll in India: Navigating Through the Indian Payroll Landscape

Online | November 15 & November 17, 2016

There are 29 states and central government's laws at play in India, and remaining in compliance with these laws presents a daunting challenge.

Payroll in India: Navigating Through the Indian Payroll Landscape is designed to facilitate your understanding of the laws influencing payroll compliance in India and comprehensively address issues related to payroll processing.

This two-part virtual course will provide:

·         The fundamentals of payroll processing in India including types of employment, leave management, overtime, pay awards, and increments

·         An overview of taxation and social security obligations in India for domestic as well as international workmen

·         Guidance on best payroll and HR practices in India

Who would benefit most from attending?

Entrepreneurs, CxOs, HR and payroll directors, managers, and professionals from multinational and foreign companies who have a presence or academic interest in India.

Don't let India's extensive and complicated laws confuse you any longer! Sign up today for Payroll in India: Navigating Through the Indian Payroll Landscape and start your journey to clarity!

Two-part virtual series

November 15 & November 17
11:00 am - 1:00 pm ET

Price: 2-session Virtual Course - $395


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