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Labour Disputes in China - Understanding the Key Issues and How to be well Prepared

Dezan Shira & Associates is proud to announce our collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou to hold a joint-event focussing on labour disputes faced by companies and employees in China. Up to date and accessible information on relevant labour laws is now, more than ever, crucial for companies operating in China. The laws of the PRC aim to provide protection to the employee, and many companies feel that this provided employees with the capabilities of entering into labour disputes and potentially harm the employer. Employee rights are extremely important but so too are the rights of companies. All companies, both foreign and domestic, will eventually have labour related issues, whether it's a result of termination of an employee or how to deal with an employee on sick leave or maternity leave. Now, more than ever, items such as the staff/employee handbook play a much more vital role in protecting the company from risk. Handbooks in China go hand-in-hand with an employment contract to ensure that the employee is aware of and complies with the rules of the company. 

● The total number of labour disputes accepted for arbitration in China has grown three-fold over the past 5 years – with over 1.75 million such cases being handled in 2016 alone?

● It has been reported that in over 85% of cases involving alleged unlawful termination of employment, the employees have prevailed?

Why is this?

Changes to the law, an increasingly savvy and informed workforce, a cost effective and streamlined labour arbitration process, a high success rate and the recent slowdown in the economy are all reasons underlining the explosion in labour arbitration cases over recent years. So what can you do?

Being prepared is of vital importance. This begins with an efficient, compliant and effective HR management structure.   A properly implemented HR strategy not only reduces the risk of labour disputes in the first place – but also saves valuable time and resources.

This seminar will focus on:

Presentation from Cherry Wu, Manager at Dezan Shira &  Associates:

  • The reasons behind labour  disputes
  • Drafting employment  contracts
  • Designing the staff  handbook
  • Making social insurance  payments
  • Termination tips and  advice

 Presentation from Kent Woo, Partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm:

  • Chinese laws and  regulations related to labour disputes
  • Labour dispute resolution  procedures
  • How employers should  prepare evidence for litigation
  • How much typical labour  disputes usually cost employers
  • The role of Trade Unions  in labour disputes
  • The role of government  departments responsible for inspections in labour  disputes


Price: RMB 160 for Members / RMB 360 for Non-Members.  If you wish to register please contact Annabelle Li


  • Manager, Human Resources
    Office: Shenzhen Office

Event Info

Jun 13, 2018
Location & Time Event Time: 2-5pm The British Centre, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No.5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市珠江新城珠江西路5号广州国际金融中心22层英国中心
VENUES British Chamber of Commerce