iAdvisory Seminar: Manufacturing in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

March 26th | Singapore

With a growth rate of 12.8% in 2018, the manufacturing and processing sector is a leading driver of Vietnam's strong economic performance in recent years. On March 26th, our International Business Advisory Manager for Vietnam, Trent Davies, will be presenting at the iAdvisory Seminar: Manufacturing in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, covering the following topics:

·       Why Vietnam?

·       Opportunities for automotive, consumer electronics, textile companies to set up operations + those who can support these industries

·       What are the challenges and potential pitfalls?

·       Case studies

·       What’s next? Where is manufacturing heading towards?

You can hear Trent present starting at 11.00am.

Trent will be in Singapore from Monday, March 25th until Wednesday, March 27th. If you are interested in discussing investment opportunities in Vietnam, feel free to contact him at trent.davies@dezshira.com to arrange a meeting. 


Event Info

Mar 26, 2019

Location & Time

March 26th | Singapore