China's Entry and Exit Policies for Foreigners: Updates on Travel, Visa, and Business Considerations

Webinar | Wednesday, November 23, 2022 | 2:00 PM China

Since China closed its borders to foreign visitors in 2020, the detailed entry and exit policies have been changed from time to time as the epidemic prevention and control status continues to vary both locally and abroad. It is necessary to keep track of the rules to develop time- and cost-effective plans.

Based on the latest policy changes and recent real-life inquiries, Ellen Yin, Manager of HR and Payroll Services, and Allan Xu, Senior Manager of Business Advisory Services from Dezan Shira & Associates, one of DUSA Members and a pan-Asia multidisciplinary FDI service firm, will provide a comprehensive interpretation of China's current entry and exit regulations and address the most concerned questions for expatriates and their employers in China.

They will also share insights for business owners who are seeking alternative plans under difficulties, with a special focus on China's "dormant company policy". 


Updates and Analysis of Entry Policies for Foreigners to China

  • Updates on China's travel restrictions
  1. Quarantine policy updates
  • Updates on China visa applications
  1. Z-visa requirements
  2. M-visa requirements
  3. S-visa requirements

 Key Considerations for Foreigners to Exit China

  • Short-Term Exit
  1. Work Permit and Residence Permit Renewal
  • Long-Term Exit
  1. Work Permit and Residence Permit Cancellations
  2. Social Welfare Withdrawal
  3. IIT Payment Status Changes

Other related considerations

  •  How to Retain Your Company for a Short Period at A Lower Cost - Dormant Company Filing
  1. Overview of The Dormant Company Policy
  2. Implementation
  3. Case Study
  • Options to Change/Suspend/Terminate the Labor Contract with Expatriate Employees


This is a DUSA member exclusive event. Please contact Maggie Chen by sending email to or call her cellphone via 18051042137 if you need any support about this webinar.

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