Asia’s Changing Payroll and Human Resources Landscape: China, India, and Vietnam

Online | December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015 | 10am ET / 2pm UTC / 11pm CT
Dezan Shira North America Director Richard Cant will present a webinar on payroll and human resources in China, India, and Vietnam. The webinar is organized by the Global Payroll Management Institute.
In recent years, Asia has featured some of the world’s fastest developing economies. Between China’s rising middle class, and India and Vietnam’s growing working-age population, all three countries are presenting strong competition in the global market with significant changes in payroll and human resources.
Staying up-to-date on changes in payroll and human resources legislation is critical for foreign and domestic companies alike in order to prevent profit loss and legal liability. This webinar will provide guidance to companies, starting at the hiring process through employment and ending with post-termination procedures.
After participating in the webinar, you will have knowledge on the latest laws in the following areas for each country:
  • Employment contracts, including types of contracts and contract requirements
  • Probation periods, if they apply, and the benefits to both employers and employees
  • Employment laws concerning minimum wage and salary structuring
  • Taxation and allowances for employees
  • Termination, what grounds are needed, if notice is required, and severance payments
  • Special rules for foreign employees

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