Harry Handley's Testimonial

From: UK
Department: Marketing
Office: Shanghai
Length of internship: December 2016 – May 2017

Q: How was the level of responsibility during your internship?

A: I was given significant responsibility from the start of the internship, contacting partners and potential partners, as well as writing articles that will be in the public domain. This kind of responsibility is vital for an internship to be worthwhile.


Q: Did you receive enough training and adequate support to learn effectively? 

A: For me, the internship had a good balance of support and autonomy. Training early on allowed me to understand the methods and internal workings of the firm, once this understanding was in place I was allowed to discover for myself the best way to fit into this system.


Q: What aspect of your internship did you enjoy most?

A: Writing articles on a wide range of topics, learning something new in every one. This was great for increasing my commercial awareness and understanding of the Chinese and ASEAN markets in general.


Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of your internship?

A: For me the most rewarding aspect of the internship was the responsibility I was afforded. The responsibility allowed me to make a real contribution, from which I have tangible results to show.


Q: What was the most challenging aspect of your internship?

A: Juggling various tasks was a challenge to begin with. However, once I got into a routine it was much easier to manage my time.


Q: What skills did you improve during this internship? 

A: I think the main skills I improved were my research and writing skills. The internship also improved my overall confidence to take charge of tasks and assess for myself the best method of completion.


Q: How has your experience in DSA helped you with your following career? 

A: My experiences at DSA have given me plenty to talk about in subsequent interviews and the articles I have written are tangible examples of the results I have achieved during my internship.


Q: What piece of advice would you give to somebody thinking of applying for a DSA internship?

A: Make sure you understand what services DSA provide and how Asia Briefing supports this.


Q: What do you want to say to Dezan Shira & Associates/ Your previous colleagues? (25th Anniversary)

A: Congratulations for making it to 25 years in such a challenging market, hopefully many more years to come! Thanks to all of my colleagues for their guidance and support during my internship, it will be of great benefit to me in the future!