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Europe: Germany

German company specialized in safety automation technology seeks investment.

The company is headquartered in Germany is a leader in the field of safety automation technology, and is committed to researching and selling products for control and monitoring, control and sensor technology. Its solutions are widely used in all fields of mechanical engineering, including packaging, automobiles, robot applications, machine tools, wind power and other technical fields.
The company also provides small controllers, drivers, etc. At the same time, based on customers' needs, it also provides the whole process of consultation, engineering and training services related to mechanical safety.
At present, the company has established 42 subsidiaries and branches around the world, with about 2,500 employees. In 2018, the company's sales reached 345 million euros, of which 73% came from overseas markets.
Europe: Germany

German indutrial automation company seeks investment.

The company is an expert in the field of industrial automation, providing customized solutions for global customers, including electrical engineering, automation, power engineering and industrial software+information systems. It is a key system provider in the field of automotive and industrial automation worldwide, providing intelligent equipment and system integration solutions for many large-scale production industries, and also providing overall solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy supply, hydropower, drinking water, and sewage treatment.
In 2019, the company's sales reached 175 million euros, and more than 50% of the company's business revenue came from automation equipment manufacturing and robots, and industrial information systems were also an important part of its revenue; At present, the company has 75 branches around the world, with a total of about 1,100 employees.
Europe: Europe

European injection molding machine sales company seeks Chinese investors.

The company is a European injection molding machine sales and service provider. The company is very suitable for Chinese investors to use the company's sales channels to enter the European market. As a traditional brand, the company's customers are mainly medium-sized companies from automobile and other industrial industries. At present, the company has nearly 400 active customers. The company is also the exclusive sales and development partner of some Asian manufacturers in Europe. The company has the following investment highlights: it has high-quality employees with many years of experience in the field of injection molding machines; It occupies a leading market position in the European market and has the exclusive sales and service right of advanced machines; With professional hardware and software knowledge, the company can realize personalized customer needs; Establish close relationship with well-known customers through traditional high-end machine brands; After investment, foreign investors can use the company's channels to enter the European market.
Europe: Europe

European carbon fiber processing company seek Chinese partners and acquisition.

The company is an advanced carbon fiber processing company in Europe, specializing in resin transfer molding technology for the production of fiber composites, with a particular focus on the development and production of supporting and single component workflows. The company has high-quality customer resources, including BMW, Porsche, Tesla, Mercedes and so on. The company's production tasks are completed by resin transfer molding robot, the company has the robot patent, that is, the production process of one-time molding technology, surface treatment technology and mold manufacturing capacity. The company's products are mainly used in the following fields: aerospace, military, automobile, motorcycle and electrical parts, helmets and sports equipment. The company provides product design, mold manufacturing and tool and mold forming services. The company is now looking for investors and willing to sell part of its stake in return for an exclusive technology license from the Chinese partner. The company wants Chinese investors to have the ability to develop sales channels in the Chinese market.
Europe: Europe

European steam boiler manufacturers looking for Chinese agents.

The company is a well-known steam boiler manufacturer in Europe, focusing on producing fast and efficient automatic steam boilers according to the principle of water tube boilers. The pressure system consist of heating coil, and the water is supplied by piston pump. The company's clients include internationally renowned companies from various industries. At present, it has sales and service partners in more than 100 countries around the world. The company's products have been applied in star hotels, hospitals, food processing enterprises and breweries in China. In Asia, the company can be used in the service and textile industries, health care and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries, automobile and construction industries. The company's main products include steam generator, complete steam boiler system, multi steam boiler system and mobile container steam system. Highlights of the company's steam boiler products include: Energy conservation and emission reduction; Compared with the traditional boiler system, the quality of steam is significantly improved; Short start-up heating time; Automatic pressure and power adjustment, energy consumption and load matching; Small size, easy maintenance and simple operation.
Europe: Europe

European machinery manufacturing seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a European clamping device solution supplier, providing customers with firm, universal and stable clamping device and system solutions in high-precision dimensional control and management. The company has become a global supplier with a number of patented inventions. Its technical R&D team can provide complete solutions from development, design, procurement, assembly, measurement and control to after-sales service at any time. The target company has four unique solutions and patented technologies. The products of the company are mainly used in the automotive industry, aerospace, plastic industry and general manufacturing fields. The main customers and partners are world-famous automobile OEMs and spare parts manufacturers.


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