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Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Wind Farm Project of 9.5 HA At Ready-To-Build Phase - Seeking Investment or Acquisition

This 9.5 ha wind farm project has reached its ready-to-build phase, by having all permis required as well as an agreement with EVN to purchase electricty. The land use right certificate is still to be attributed. The seller want to transfer 100% of its shares.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Solar Energy Project Near Ready-to-Build Phase in Gia Long Vietnam - Seeking Joint Investors

The owner is looking for participation concerning finance and construction of a 63.7 ha solar farm in South Vietnam. The project has reach its ready-to-build phase: an agreement with EVN has already been reached so as to purchase electricity, as well as to connect the farm to national power lines. A 50 year land certificate has too been obtained. The project would need 39.2 million $US.
Europe: Italy

Europe flowing-water power mini hydroelectric plants company - Seeking buyers

The company is seeking a consideration at about € 2.450.000 to transfer the equity, due to one of its associates want to terminate the business.


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