Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Dezan Shira & Associates' strong Asia presence is reflected in our new logo, launched in the summer of 2013 to replace the old “Xi Er Li” logo which had been in place since our firm's establishment in 1992. With the development of the practice beyond China and into Asia, a renewed and dynamic logo was required to reflect Dezan Shira & Associates’ own global development.

The stripes in the new logo recall the primary colors of Asia: Gold, Red, Green and Violet.

Gold has wellbeing, warm and natural overtones across Asia, red represents luck and prosperity, green is indicative in Asian cultures of a calm approach and the mother symbol of fertility, and violet  is an imperial color in China and the color of the official Vietnamese water lily flower. The combination of these colors is strongly indicative of Asia and of the values that characterize our firm's success and commitment to clients and staff.

Our Asia Briefing Ltd. subsidiary has also developed logos for each of its regional-specific business intelligence products:

The Asia Briefing logo is a red, never ending stylized knot, often used as a symbol of fortune and wisdom across Asia.

The ASEAN Briefing logo is derived from the ASEAN flag, with its representations of a sheaf of wheat in the different colors of each ASEAN nations flag.

The China Briefing logo contains the colors of the Chinese national flag as well as the character “Zhong.”

The India Briefing logo is a stylized Indian peacock feather, recreated in the colors of the Indian national flag.

The Vietnam Briefing logo is a stylized purple water lotus flower, the national flower of Vietnam.