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Dezan Shira & Associates Gives Presentation for Canadian Film Delegation

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On January 8, 2018, Dezan Shira & Associates’ International Business Advisory Senior Associate, Ines Liu, gave a presentation for a Canadian film delegation from Alberta, at the Canadian Consulate’s office in Guangzhou. The delegation consisted of Albertan film production companies responsible for a wide variety of internationally and domestically acclaimed films. These film production companies represent the Alberta Media Production Industries Association, and came to China to sign an agreement with the Guangdong Motion Picture Association to signal further collaboration between the Canadian and Chinese motion picture industries.

During Ines’ presentation, she covered a general overview of China’s film industry, while going into detail on the establishment process for foreign firms, and the legal pitfalls foreign production companies must circumvent to succeed in China.

Following the presentation, Ines was made an honorary Albertan by taking part in the “White Hat Ceremony” where she had to put on a white cowboy hat and “yeehaw.” Afterwards, the delegation visited different local film production studios and moved on to Shanghai to learn more about the Chinese market.

Dezan Shira Associates Ines present for Canadian Film DelegationDezan Shira & Associates is regularly relied on to advise delegations from a host of different backgrounds on the best practices when investing in China.

To view the presentation on the Chinese Film Industry, please visit our Knowledge Sharing Platform.

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For further assistance in doing business in mainland China and Hong Kong, please contact us here.

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