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We fully understand that for most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) it’s not a cost-effective solution to employ full-time in-house IT support team. Many companies are finding the benefits of outsourced IT help desks which enable them to focus on their own core competencies. Dezan Shira & Associates’ IT support team is a good option for providing these services, both on-site and as a remote helpdesk service. As a company with over 20 offices in multiple countries, we have the experience to support multiple offices in different locations in an efficient way.

  • On-site support - Dezan Shira & Associates is able to send engineers to clients’ offices for on-site support in major cities in China and Hong Kong
  • Remote support - Dezan Shira & Associates IT support team has an efficient way to provide immediate support to our customers. It’s convenient and fast. We’ve found that the vast majority of our customer’s technical problems can be resolved over the phone or via online chat.

Decrease your costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing your IT support. Learn more by contacting us using the form below.

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