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Copyright in India

The Copyright Act, 1957 confers copyright protection on literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recording. Copyright refers to a bundle of exclusive rights, which can be exercised only by the owner of copyright or by any other person who is duly licensed in this regard by the owner of copyright. The author or creator of the work is the first owner of copyright. However, the employer becomes the owner of copyright in circumstances where the employee creates a work in the course of and scope of employment. In regards to obtaining a copyright, the procedures and paperwork are straightforward and simple.

Protection in other countries

India is a member of Berne Convention and hence copyright protection is given to works published in India, in respect of all countries that are member of Berne Convention. Thus, without formally applying for protection, copyright protection is available to works first published in India, across several countries.

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