Regional Intelligence

In addition to our core legal, tax and operational services, Dezan Shira & Associates also provide research and investment advisory on a multi-jurisdictional business matters such as national regulations, infrastructure capabilities, operational costs and consumer market studies. Consequently, our reports provide regional comparisons enabling our clients to make an optimum decision concerning the best locations for investment into Asia.

Some of the topics we address are:

Cost Analysis

  • Office/Factory/Land Rental and Purchase
  • Salaries and Mandatory Welfare
  • Utilities Costs
  • Import Duties, VAT and GST rates (plus applicable rebate mechanisms)
  • Other Applicable Tax Incentives


  • Permitted Business Activities
  • Potential Legal Risk Analysis
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Environment Studies


  • Application of Free Trade Agreements and Tax Treaties
  • Ease of Banking Studies
  • Optimization of Financial Structure
  • Financing Options and Incentives
  • Treasury Management
  • Profits Repatriation


  • Labor Availability & Human Resource Standards
  • Relocation of Business
  • Supply Chain Evaluation
  • Infrastructure / Power / Transport Assessment
  • IT Infrastructure and Tech Support

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