Anais Thizy's Testimonial

From: France
Department: Marketing
Office: Guangzhou
Length of internship: July 2013 – September 2013
  • Q: How has our company helped you to bridge your academic learning to the professional work environment?

    A: During my academic studies, I learnt about the theory, and I also did a lot of case studies. But I was always working with students with the same background (age, cultural and academic background, interest and competencies). Thanks to this internship, I discovered more about the life in a company, and especially in a Chinese company with staff from many different countries. So I learnt a lot about being trained and training new interns, I improved my communication skills, I discovered commitment to a firm, I had to work with people from different background : this is the professional work environment I discovered after the academic theory and lessons.

  • Q: Did you receive enough training to learn effectively?

    A: Yes I did. I never felt I was lost without the necessary training to perform my missions.

  • Q: Did you receive adequate support to do your job?

    A: My colleagues, my manager, my n+1 were all very available to answer my questions and help me in my work, whichever office or position they had.

  • Q: Do you feel this internship will help you in your studies or career ahead?

    A: Yes definitely, I learnt a lot from a technical standpoint but also from a human and personal standpoint. I discovered a lot about all the technical aspects of business in China, ie tax, accounting, establishment and business regulations. I also discovered B2B marketing and strategy. Further, I learnt about team work in intercultural environment in a big company with different offices spanned around Asia.

  • Q: Would you recommend working for this company to your friends and classmates?

    A: If they have a genuine interest about business in China, this is a great internship that I would recommend.

  • Q: What aspect of your job do you most enjoyed?

    A: What I enjoyed most is that you can really understand the marketing strategy of the company. All the resources are also given to you to understand better how investors can establish and expand their business in China. Finally, I enjoyed that interns are trusted to do real missions. For example I had a meeting with the French chamber or I also took part in a networking event to represent the company.

  • Q: What aspect of your job do you least enjoyed?

    A: As in every job, there are daily tasks which can become repetitive and monotonous once the first months of discovery and learning are gone.


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