Winnie Jin's Testimonial

From: United States of America
Department: Marketing
Office: Guangzhou
Length of internship: January 2016 – May 2016
  • Q: How has our company helped you to bridge your academic learning to the professional work environment?

    A: My academic background in business and management information systems was very conceptual and didn’t focus using tools to actually complete tasks as opposed to just thinking about them in theory. The fast-paced and dynamic environment at Dezan Shira taught me how to use various industry-relevant tools and helped me to develop a “doer” mindset.

  • Q: Did you receive enough training to learn effectively?

    A: Yes. Along with the other interns, I was fully briefed on the structure of the company and the responsibilities we were expected to complete throughout the internship.

  • Q: Did you receive adequate support to do your job?

    A: Yes. I wasn’t micromanaged, but I could reach out to my supervisors for support whenever I needed to. My colleagues were accessible and open to my ideas.

  • Q: Do you feel this internship will help you in your studies or career ahead?

    A: Yes. While the internship did have a clear structure, we were also given the opportunity to self-start any projects we believed in. Learning how to take initiative will be just as important for my future career as the other skills and tools I acquired throughout the internship.

  • Q: Would you recommend working for this company to your friends and classmates?

    A: Yes. I would advise any young person to work for a time in emerging Asia. Dezan Shira provides a comfortable, supportive environment to do so, with plenty of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

  • Q: What aspect of your job do you most enjoyed?

    A: I enjoyed collaborating with a team of smart, talented individuals not only in my own office in Guangzhou, but in many of our offices throughout Asia.

  • Q: What aspects of your job do you least enjoyed?

    A: Some of the tasks, like data entry, could be mundane, but they were very necessary and only a small part of the full workload.


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