Daniel Schaefer's Testimonial

From: Canada
Department: Marketing
Office: Guangzhou
Length of internship: August 2016 – January 2017
  • Q: How has our company helped you to bridge your academic learning to the professional work environment?

    A: Well since my studies were done in China, I felt that I was finally able to use much of the theoretical knowledge I had accumulated on Chinese businesses, and apply them to communicate with our clients. I was also able to better navigate the Chinese networking component of my internship thanks to the interpersonal skills I learned during my education.

  • Q: Did you receive enough training to learn effectively?

    A: Yes for sure. At the start of my internship, I received an ample amount of training through my managers and our online publications.

  • Q: Did you receive adequate support to do your job?

    A: Definitely. Though my training was more than adequate, the few times I came across a task I did not know how to complete, my managers were more than happy to advise me on the best way to approach it.

  • Q: Do you feel this internship will help you in your studies or career ahead?

    A: Of this I have no doubt. During my six-month internship, I was taught so much on how businesses really run in Asia, and what it’s like to work in tandem with different organizations. I was also able to gather a large amount of technical knowledge concerning business strategy, taxation, marketing, legal advisory and more in China. I have no doubt that the knowledge I learned at DSA will be invaluable for my career moving further.

  • Q: Would you recommend working for this company to your friends and classmates?

    A: I would. If any of them were interested in learning how to enter the Asian market, or just wanted to know more about consulting in general, I would definitely recommend them come work for DSA.

  • Q: What aspect of your job do you most enjoyed?

    A: I would say what I enjoyed most was getting the opportunity to meet our clients who come from all around the world and being given a chance to speak to them as a member of the DSA team. I also enjoyed attending networking events and meeting the multiple organizations that we partner with.

  • Q: What aspects of your job do you least enjoyed?

    A: Like at any job, there can be some repetitive tasks that can become quite tedious such as drafting contracts, or proof reading emails, but in the end, all of the interesting things I got to do far outweighed a few tedious tasks every now and then.


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