Rob Tuinte's Testimonial

From: Netherlands
Department: Business Development
Office: Guangzhou and New Delhi
Length of internship: February 2013 – July 2013
  • Q: Did you receive enough training to learn effectively?

    A: In my opinion you need to take initiative yourself in order to learn, an intern can do this by visiting events, workshops etc. Dezan Shira & Associates doesn’t offer that many training opportunities that are not directly related to day-to-day work, regarding the day-to-day work an intern gets sufficient training opportunities.

  • Q: Did you receive adequate support to do your job?

    A: I got more than adequate support to do my job. Colleagues are friendly, helpful and easy to approach (wherever these colleagues are).

  • Q: Do you feel this internship will help you in your studies or career ahead?

    A: Yes, I do think my internships at Dezan Shira & Associates will help my career further. It provides an unique perspective on how governments in Asia (can) use their accounting as regulatory measures in order to shape the economic and business environments. Dezan Shira & Associates also offers an international work environment where you can experience how people from different cultures work together successfully with each other.


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